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Project Description
WindowMaster provides a simple way to manage windows when using a multi-monitor setup. It's developed in C# and can be implemented as a library or a standalone tray application. Inspiration for WindowMaster came after using two products, UltraMon and Windows 7.

Active development of this project has moved to GitHub (

The WindowMaster library is a managed wrapper around User32.dll to access information about particular windows on screen as well as creating a global keyboard hook. It also defines a HotKey action which will consists of a set of HotKey Combos (Modifier & Key) and a reference to a delegate that will be fired once that HotKey is pressed.


The WindowMaster Tray application is an implementation of WindowMaster lib. It's a small tray application that lets you define some window actions that will be performed when the HotKey(s) is pressed. Below is a list of currently supported actions. (Any actions not listed here are still in development so please use at your own risk. Newly added actions are marked in bold.)
  • Dock Window - Places a window to a part of the current screen and re-sizes the window to a percentage of the working area of the screen.
  • Dock & Move Window - Performs the same function as WinKey+L / WinKey+R on Windows 7
  • Maximize Window
  • Media Key - Map any HotKey to Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next, Volume Up/Down, Mute
  • Minimize Window
  • Minimize Window to System Tray (Restore window by clicking on Tray Icon)
  • Move Window - Moves the foreground window to the next screen.
  • Restore Window
  • Restore Window Down - If window is maximized, it will be placed in its' normal state. If it's in normal state, it will be minimized.
  • Restore Window Up - If window is minimized, it will be placed in its' normal state. If it's in normal state, it will be maximized.
  • Show Active Actions
  • Start A Process or bring a currently running process to the foreground
  • Stretch Window - Stretches a window horizontally or vertically (depending on setting).

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